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Part Production

Here in our facility in Texas, we produce every part we sell.

Pore Technology focuses solely on the production of porous plastics, but our production parts cover a wide range of applications across many industries. While we do produce a small range of mufflers for sale to distributors, the bulk of our business is producing customer designed parts.

Part Production

Whether it’s high volume or low volume, complex or simple, we can provide the necessary resources to ensure consistent and high quality production that meets or exceeds our customers’ needs.

We consider each part a unique process and we tailor our process design to suit our customers needs. Process design considerations include:

  • Quality – From prototyping on we determine the best inspection process needed to maintain part conformance as well as high production rates.
  • Inventory – We can build to order or maintain Kanban/electronic inventory systems.
  • Packing and shipping – Ensuring parts are properly packaged and safely shipped is just as important as the molding process. Customers must be certain they’re going to receive good parts.
  • Labeling and lot control – We record all production lots and maintain those records for min of ten years. Custom packaging and labeling options are available.

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