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Microporous Plastic Products - Resins and Applications

Pore Technology Resins and Applications


Some of the plastic resins used in our porous products are:

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene - UHMWPE

Polyvinylidene  Difluoride - PVDF

High Density Polyethylene - HDPE

Polypropylene - PP

 Polyetrafluoroethylene - PTFE

We mold a wide variety of resins for almost any application. The list above are out commonly used materials, but custom designed and engineered plastics are also available.

Some of our design considerations are:

Porosity - Average pore size and pore volume are our most common customer requirements and we have a series of resins and production methods to adjust these as needed. Pore size averages are often given in nominal micron ratings.

Effective Filtration - How well a filter element performs under specific conditions. When stopping specific particulates is of utmost importance. This rating is listed as a percentage of particles over a certain size. For example, 99.99% of particles over 5 micron.

Strength - Overall durability is a key requirement for most parts, but often some consideration is given to elasticity and rigidity. These attributes are largely dictated by the resin selection, but some adjustments can be made.

Wetability - The majority of resins we use are hydrophobic, however most can be treated to become hydrophilic. This allows the porous structures to “wick”

Compatibility - Our resins are FDA certified, RoHS and REACH compliant, as well pass biocompatibility testing. Please contact us for more detailed information on specific uses and best manufacturing practices.

Design for manufacturing - We’ll help you adjust part design to improve the manufacturing process, streamline production, and reduce cost and lead times.

Some of the applications of our porous products are:

· Pneumatic mufflers

· Breather vents

· FRL Filter elements

· Aeration and diffusion

· Fluidizing

· Membrane supports

· Medical air and water filters

· Vacuum line particulate filters

· Wicks

· Schedule porous pipe

· Remediation and dewatering tubes

· Battery vents

· Cartridge filters

· Desiccant containers

· Sensor covers